"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art."

I remember growing up I was never the most confident or creative person, but one day I stumbled across YouTube & Makeup. Makeup artistry turned out to be the creative outlet I craved in my younger years. I truly feel as though makeup artistry helped develop my self confidence. Through many binge marathons of YouTube tutorials and working for a globally known Skincare & Cosmetics company, I was able to find my artistry strengths while pursing the best version of myself. My confident self, my creative self and my beautiful self.

I believe school is NEVER out for the pro. I am constantly focused on growth in every aspect of my life, not solely my artistry. I work alongside other industry professionals to learn the newest trends and tricks to ensure my artistry is up to date for clientele. Something I've learned in my years of experience is you can NOT paint the Mona Lisa on the bark of a tree! I believe skincare is extremely important when it comes to makeup artistry.

Through the knowledge I've gained over the years, I am able to help my clients find the perfect look while, helping them on their quest for healthy skin. Being of a deeper skin tone,finding the perfect foundation shade prior to my training was impossible. In my years of training, I have learned to not only work with different skin tones, but work with different skin types and undertones.

Let me help you find your confident self, your creative self and your beautiful self!!

Sheryl Sharma

senior stylist

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*Sheryl requires a minimum party of 3.