"Beauty is a reflection of one's unique features that makes them one of a kind, makeup and hairspray are the enhancers"

I like to say that I’ve been given an eye to enhance or beautify things. Whether it’s sewing an outfit to wear for my worship team, photographing a family, decorating baked goodies, turning a simple hall into an elegant event space or sassing someone up with hair and makeup… I love the idea of using my hands to be artistic and create masterpieces.

I remember my mom buying me my very first light pink sparkly Bonne Bell lip gloss as a little girl and making sure no hair was out of place for school pictures. The fascination for makeup and hair began there. Some use makeup as a way to mask things they don’t like about themselves or to cover and hide flaws. I see using makeup and creating beautiful hair styles as an opportunity to paint on a clean beautiful canvas, sculpt hair masterpieces, and to bring out the beauty one may not see and enhance the features that make them unique and one of a kind. The end result is to always have my client walk away feeling stunning!

I take pride in my work and am constantly trying to learn new techniques and improve my skills so that I’m confident in my finished product. I want each client to feel absolutely special and relaxed, as they enjoy being pampered. I’m so excited to be a part of The Traveling Stylist team, and look forward to having a small hand in making your special day or occasion that much more amazing and memorable!

Adela Lopez

Master Stylist

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