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Amy Perdigone - Owner/Operation, Coordinator & Trainer
Welcome to our new site everyone!

In the summer, 2016, The Traveling Stylist made some exciting changes & expansions. Although I no longer personally provide hair & makeup services, I will be your coordinator on the other end ready to help you schedule all your beauty needs with your preferred stylist and ensure your day is extra special and stress-free. I also supervise and train all our stylists. Our team of 6-stylists and 3-assistants who represent The Traveling Stylist offer a variety of services and expertise bringing with them their special set of skills while delivering genuine, prompt, & warm service.

*There is NO FEE charged for applying makeup, but a minimum makeup purchase is required.

Please click around our new site. Our team at The Traveling Stylist is ready to hear from you!

"Makeup is the most important accessory there is!"

Heather Camp - Master Stylist

"Make life beautiful"

In all we do, life gives us opportunities to make our life beautiful. I am excited to be entering my fourth year working as the lead stylist for The Traveling Stylist. Having the opportunity to use the application of makeup and creative/stylistic hairstyles is one of my contributions to making life beautiful. I believe that continuing education and networking with other industry professionals is important to ensure we are able to bring the best and most up to date looks to our clientele. As a biracial woman I have always found it challenging to find artists who know how to work with various skin types and pigments. Because of this, I have taken extra time to learn about different skin types, pigments and challenges to ensure I am able to create a myriad of looks for any client requesting our services. As an artist I am able to create a look you desire whether it's a barely-there, classic and sophisticated, as well as glamorous bold or trendy. When working with clients their ideas and concerns are of the utmost importance to me, as I want them to not only look beautiful, but also feel amazing while accentuating and capturing who they are. I am honored to be able to have the opportunity to continue to serve people on their most special occasions. I am excited to be at the forefront for the continued future success of The Traveling Stylist and look forward to working with you soon!

Adela Lopez - Senior Stylist

"Beauty is a reflection of one's unique features that makes them one of a kind, makeup and hairspray are the enhancers"

I like to say that I’ve been given an eye to enhance or beautify things. Whether it’s sewing an outfit to wear for my worship team, photographing a family, decorating baked goodies, turning a simple hall into an elegant event space or sassing someone up with hair and makeup… I love the idea of using my hands to be artistic and create masterpieces.

I remember my mom buying me my very first light pink sparkly Bonne Bell lip gloss as a little girl and making sure no hair was out of place for school pictures. The fascination for makeup and hair began there. Some use makeup as a way to mask things they don’t like about themselves or to cover and hide flaws. I see using makeup and creating beautiful hair styles as an opportunity to paint on a clean beautiful canvas, sculpt hair masterpieces, and to bring out the beauty one may not see and enhance the features that make them unique and one of a kind. The end result is to always have my client walk away feeling stunning!

I take pride in my work and am constantly trying to learn new techniques and improve my skills so that I’m confident in my finished product. I want each client to feel absolutely special and relaxed, as they enjoy being pampered. I’m so excited to be a part of The Traveling Stylist team, and look forward to having a small hand in making your special day or occasion that much more amazing and memorable!

Tori Braga - Junior Stylist

"I believe that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup" -Bobbi Brown

I never really wore makeup nor did my mom. It wasn't really a big thing to me until I became a Raiderette in 2010. I loved to dance and had a once in a lifetime opportunity to do that for four years! Growing up I was comfortable in my skin, but being a Raiderette taught me how fun it really is to find the right make up and tricks to make me feel beautiful on the outside too! Being on camera and making appearances taught me to appreciate the value of outward beauty along with strengthening my inner confidence!

I take pride in giving my all in what I do. When I love and care about something I make sure I do my best and nothing less. Creating art and helping people achieve a look they desire and imagine is something I truly care about. I am quick on my feet and can adapt to what makes clients and people feel most comfortable and beautiful.

I truly believe that beauty is being the best version of yourself. I am so excited to be a part of The Traveling Stylist team. If I get to be a part of your special day, I can't wait to help piece together the beauty in the inside with even more of your beauty on the outside!

"May the wings of your eyeliner always be even" ;)

Angelica Carranza - Junior Hair Stylist

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see"

There is a creative passion within my soul that continues to move my desires within the realm of hair, beauty, and fashion industry forward. I began my journey as a young hairstylist who was constantly looking to the runway for inspiration and always seeking opportunities to learn new hair techniques. Over time and through much training and education, I am now able to provide my clients with the highest quality experience through exceptional hair artistry. Under the instruction of educators, advanced training at the Unite Academy, and mentorship of master hairstylists’ I have been able to refine my skillset in event styling, blowouts, and updos. I love keeping things simple and refined while also playing around with classic styles and putting a twist and edge to bring them in to modern day. As a result of my passion for hair I have been able to carve a path within the beauty industry, which has allowed me the opportunity to make clients feel beautiful, inside and out. I hope to continue touching others lives and utilize my craft as an outlet to express myself artistically.

*Angelica requires a minimum party of 4.

Sheryl Sharma - Junior Makeup Stylist

"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art."

I remember growing up I was never the most confident or creative person, but one day I stumbled across YouTube & Makeup. Makeup artistry turned out to be the creative outlet I craved in my younger years. I truly feel as though makeup artistry helped develop my self confidence. Through many binge marathons of YouTube tutorials and working for a globally known Skincare & Cosmetics company, I was able to find my artistry strengths while pursing the best version of myself. My confident self, my creative self and my beautiful self.

I believe school is NEVER out for the pro. I am constantly focused on growth in every aspect of my life, not solely my artistry. I work alongside other industry professionals to learn the newest trends and tricks to ensure my artistry is up to date for clientele. Something I've learned in my years of experience is you can NOT paint the Mona Lisa on the bark of a tree! I believe skincare is extremely important when it comes to makeup artistry.

Through the knowledge I've gained over the years, I am able to help my clients find the perfect look while, helping them on their quest for healthy skin. Being of a deeper skin tone,finding the perfect foundation shade prior to my training was impossible. In my years of training, I have learned to not only work with different skin tones, but work with different skin types and undertones.

Let me help you find your confident self, your creative self and your beautiful self!!

*Sheryl requires a minimum party of 4.

Kendy Tuazon - Assistant Stylist

"Hair and makeup doesn't MAKE you beautiful, it allows you to portray different interpretations of your beauty!"

Cynthia Espitia - Assistant Stylist

"Makeup is more than just beauty, it's the art of a vision that is created from within."